Concrete Countertops: Precast and Cast-N-Place

Concrete Countertops: Precast and Cast-N-Place

Natural stones, woods, plastic laminates, glasses, tiles, and quartz may be used for the countertop. But what makes concrete countertops the best is their durability coupled with unlimited design choices. The process involved in making concrete countertops results to a long-lasting cast stone. And since it is manually made and not manufactured elsewhere, it can be customized to any color, shape, and even texture.

Elite Concrete Solutions has been installing decorative concrete countertops in Texas since 2002. We don’t just make countertops; we design, install, and maintain them. Besides our experience, it is our honest-to-goodness dedication to keep our every customer happy that makes us one of the most unbeatable artist-contractors in The Lone Star State. We provide two ways of installing concrete countertops—precast and cast-n-place. Choose based on what’s most convenient for you.

Precast Concrete Countertops

Compared to cast-n-place, a pre cast countertop is made in our shop after taking the accurate measurements and your specific instructions. We will work together in terms of designing. Although we will recommend certain styles, it will be you who will make the final choice.

Concrete Countertops: Precast and Cast-N-Place

So why should you choose a precast concrete countertop? First of all, your house will never suffer any messy work that is involved in cast-n-place countertops. There will be no long waiting for the concrete to dry up before you can conveniently use the kitchen again. No need to worry also about the spills that the usual kitchen activities might do to the hardening concrete. You can also enjoy your privacy longer because we just need a few minutes to put the countertop on the kitchen.

Besides your comfort, a precast countertop is also more versatile in terms of style. Polishing it will be better also and will never pose any potential harm to other kitchen fixtures. The only disadvantage is that, a precast concrete countertop is super heavy. It might not fit accurately on the space too. But don’t worry about that because experienced and skilled professionals like us rarely experience these problems.

Cast-N-Place Concrete Countertops

Although making cast-n-place countertops involves a messy work, it can be a better choice than the pre-cast type if you want a more accurate fitting. It may be messy, but it will never require lifting of a 400-pound decorative concrete and will allow you to see the beautiful change as it happens. With pre cast, there is a chance that no matter how accurate the measurement was, the countertop might just not fit the way it should be.

With cast-n-place, you can see how the countertop is being formed in every stage. This will give you a chance of changing your mind about the style and there’s no problem about that because fitting the countertop with other kitchen fixtures is easier if we’ll install it on-site.

Cast-n-place and precast concrete countertops both have their pros and cons. We’re not sure what you will choose. But we’re sure that whatever you choose, we can help you through the entire process—that is, from designing to maintaining. Get some design ideas in our Photo Gallery or give us a call right now. Be our guest, too, in our shop in Forth Worth, Texas and let’s talk about concrete countertops.