Concrete Overlayments

Concrete Overlayments

Do you have an existing concrete surface but you are not too happy about it? This can either be because of surface imperfections or because it is just too plain for you. The answer to this problem is not usually getting rid of the old concrete and getting a new one. With concrete overlayments, you can for sure easily give your concrete a face lift without having to spend too much money in your part.

Overlaying is a process of placing a thin layer of cement, rubber, or aggregates into an existing surface for increased durability, improved cosmetic appearance, and flooring maintenance. Concrete overlayment can be used for almost any concrete resurfacing projects such as pool decks, garages, patios, interior wood floors, and the like.

Types of Concrete Overlayments

There are various options when speaking of concrete resurfacing. The most popular of all are the following:

  • Stamped. This is applied thickly to the surface, usually from 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch. This kind of overlay works to cover minor imperfections on concrete. The good thing about this kind of overlay is that it can be stamped or textured to look like slate, natural stone, brick, and other materials. It can even come tinted or dyed.

  • Spray texture. This is a textured finish (1/8 inch) and is durable as well as skid-resistant. This makes this concrete overlayment ideal for pool decks, driveways and sidewalks. Spray texture can also be dyed or tinted for decorative purposes.

  • Microtoppings or skim coat. This is a polymer-based system that is applied very thinly to a surface. This gives the surface the ability to flex and the ability to be applied onto wall surfaces as well. It can be finished either smooth or textured. For decorative purposes, microtoppings can be accented with stains and dyes.

  • Self-leveling. This kind of concrete overlayment is chosen for restoring worn concrete surfaces. A self-leveling overlay can even work to level uneven floors. It can be engraved, stained, or dyed for aesthetic purposes.

  • Rubber. This is basically a new system when it comes to concrete overlayments. However, rubber is seen to be a safe, maintenance-free, environment-friendly, and easy to install overlay.

Choosing an overlay for your concrete facelift needs depends basically on your preferences, concrete needs, and budget. But basically, as long as the repair needs of the concrete floor are met, overlaying will still be a very cost-effective step.

Elite Concrete Solutions

Concrete Overlayments

With the climate in Texas, problems in the concrete flooring can often be faced by most homeowners today. But, you don’t have to worry a bit. Texas Elite Concrete Solutions is here to help you with giving your concrete floors a facelift. This is not only for aesthetic purposes but as well as for repair and maintenance purposes.

With our years of experience in the Texan market, you can trust us to deliver you the best solutions for your problems. We do not only install overlays. We also study your situation and determine your needs for the best value for your money. Just give us a ring and we will be all set towards talking about your concrete overlayments. We offer every option possible including stamped, self-leveling, microtoppings, spray texture, and rubber overlays.