Decorative Logos

Decorative logos are important for brand recognition. They provide a unique identity, a name, for a business. But having an eye-catching logo is not enough. It should be strategically placed in areas that are most noticeable to potential clients. And what’s more noticeable than an establishment’s entryway? That’s when concrete logos come into the scene. And when laying down logos, we at Elite Concrete Solutions use different ways.

Concrete is no longer used for slabs only. Textures can be created on a hardened concrete to mimic the look of expensive natural stones and bricks. Colors may even be added through stains and dyes to create that natural appeal. A combination of these design techniques results in a surface that looks like the more expensive concrete alternatives. These techniques can also be used to create decorative logos.

Dyes and Stains

Staining uses a chemical solution that reacts with the hardening concrete. This reaction produces permanent colors on the surface, which can be used for coloring logos. The best thing about staining over other coloring methods is that it creates a unique and long-lasting color. But making sure that staining will result in the desired color takes a little practice, which we have plenty of.

Besides stains, dyes are also added to produce the desired color. Unlike staining, dying does not colorize through a chemical reaction. Instead, it directly applies colors. Concrete stamps and exposed aggregates are rarely used for decorative logos. However adding these techniques will provide a 3D image, which will make a logo more noticeable, unique, and interesting.


Concrete can literally be used as an artist’s canvas. Creating any paint on it is possible - even decorative logos. The process is just the same as painting. The artist will use etching tools for creating stencils and fine lines. After that, paint will be applied to the logo. The final work will be more than just a logo but a work of art.

Depending on the logo, painting it on concrete can be more detailed and intricate and might require more advanced etching tools. But no matter how difficult the decorative logo is, it surely can be made on a concrete surface.

Glued Vinyl

Logos can be printed on a vinyl. Once printed, it will be glued to the concrete surface. Some setting solutions will be applied to make sure that it can withstand heavy traffic. Vinyl is the cheapest and fastest way of laying down logo designs. But it can never last as long as other options and can never provide impressive logos. Although that’s the case, the easiness and cheaper rate of vinyl still make it one of the most popular choices for decorative logos.

Decorative Logos on Concrete by Elite Concrete Solutions

We, at Elite Concrete Solutions, have nearly a decade of experience on decorative and stamped concrete. Among our services is laying down logos and designs on concrete surfaces. We are not just any Texan contractor, but artists in our own rights. Please feel free to see our photo gallery of logos and designs. You may call us today for a free estimate. We can create the same, or even better, decorative logos for your establishment that will certainly increase brand recognition.