Decorative Scoring and Engraving

Decorative Scoring and Engraving

Decorative concrete or architectural concrete has been prevalently used in residential and commercial buildings today. This technique can turn the plain, grey concrete to be more aesthetically pleasing that’s why more and more residential and commercial building owners look for the best decorative concrete services including the decorative scoring and engraving. Elite Concrete Solutions in Texas is among the more reliable sources of concrete related services including installation, renovation, and maintenance.

In case you are looking for professional concrete services, we are here to provide simple coloring techniques like concrete dyes, acrylic stains, acid stains, and integral colors. Elite Concrete Solutions also offers special treatments including chiseling, scoring, stamping, and polishing that can change the texture of surfaces. Many times, our decorative scoring and engraving satisfy our clients.

Benefits you’ll get from Scored and Engraved Concrete

Decorative Scoring and Engraving

Scored concrete makes the new pours and existing pour to have a new look. Scoring is done by cutting a shallow cut into the concrete wherein the cuts can be used to craft a different design that usually looks like a tile or stone, creating a custom pattern or logo into the concrete. For this to be done seamlessly, you need a reliable Texan contractor, Elite Concrete Solutions. On the other hand, engraving concrete can give a more distinct and unique look for any area in your home or commercial building. Usually, this is used for putting names or just “trademarks” that will show off identity.

The biggest advantage of scored and engraved concrete is complete flexibility. The lines are cut into the concrete that’s why they stand to be permanent as the slab, wall, or floor itself. Concrete scoring and engraving is often combined with colored or stained concrete to highlight the surface pattern. Concrete can be scored or engraved with many different tools like the concrete saws and grinders. The experts from the Elite Concrete Solutions are well trained to use these tools. We even consider using diamond blades for more fine-looking designs.

Decorative scoring and engraving can be among the very economical and eco-friendly approach to decorative concrete. Maintenance just involves simple cleaning by sweeping or rinsing. Nonetheless, if the scored concrete is sealed, periodical resealing will be possibly required.

For Homes and Businesses

Decorative concrete are great for homes and businesses. Decorative scoring and engraving are cheap but effective ways in improving the appearance and value of a home. On the other hand, businesses consider the marketing potential in having their logos engraved on the doorstep or even inside the lobby. Also, there are communities that unite to have a uniform design in every home using concrete engraving and scoring. Just imagine how beautiful to see a street stretching out with such designs.

Scoring and Engraving Services by Elite Concrete Solutions

No worries if you are currently looking for great scoring and engraving services. Our company offers great options on concrete services especially in the installation, renovation, and maintenance. Our skilled workers can create flawless craft on your doorstep, walls, ceiling, or any part of your home or office. If you are in these areas; Fort Worth, Haltom City, Richland Hills, Bedford, Arlington, Hurst, Keller and other nearby areas, please contact us now.