Epoxy Garage Coating

Epoxy Garage Coating

Industrial flooring entertains a lot more serious traffic than ordinary residential and commercial spaces. Hence, it is very important that the right flooring system is chosen. Epoxy flooring is one of the flooring options that can be relied upon to meet certain industrial needs. Though, epoxy floorings can also be used in certain parts of your home.

Characteristics of Epoxy Floors

Why is epoxy flooring one of the best options for industrial flooring? The following are the great characteristics of epoxy flooring that make it ideal for industrial floor options:

  • Impact Resistant. The impact resistance of epoxy floors makes them ideal for specific spaces of the industry where goods are commonly handled. This includes warehouses, loading bays, production lines, and other spaces where a lot of loads are made by the movement of goods carried by trucks and pallets.

  • Fire Resistant. Being fire resistant, epoxy flooring makes an ideal flooring option in fire escape routes, storage areas, and industries where explosive production is common. This resistance to fire also makes this type of flooring good for underground car park decks.

  • Slip Resistant. Some industries operate on a wet environment while others operate on a dry one. What is good about epoxy/industrial flooring is that it is slip resistant. This makes this floor safer for industry workers.

  • Water and chemical resistant. Epoxy floorings offer an impermeable seal that protects the underlying ground water from leakage of possible liquid pollutants, which are often used in industrial productions. Plus, with such resistance to chemicals, the floor can be preserved a long time even when exposed to accidental spills of corrosive elements from metal processing, food processing, and galvanizing industries.

  • Easy to clean. Most industries require a clean environment and so epoxy flooring becomes a good option. Epoxy floors are easy to clean and are often dust-free. This makes pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic, and electronics industries prefer epoxy flooring in their production floors.

  • Heat resistant. Most flooring cannot handle extreme variations of temperatures that may be present in industries that require cooking, autoclaving, sterilizing, and blast freezing. Industrial floorings, however, can manage even the most extreme temperatures.

Basically, epoxy/industrial flooring is chosen in most industries because of the above-mentioned characteristics. All in all, epoxy flooring reduces floor maintenance costs, promotes safety of workers, and promotes ease in transporting vehicles.

Epoxy Flooring Installation

Epoxy Garage Coating

For your Texas production office, you may want to consider epoxy/industrial flooring. No matter what business you have, this is indeed a good choice to promote quality of production, safety of personnel, and reduced maintenance costs. For installation needs, you can trust our help for the matter. Elite Concrete Solutions is one company here in Texas that offers not only decorative concrete solutions for residential and commercial projects. We also handle flooring projects that requires industrial grade materials. We make sure that the floors we work on are not only aesthetically appealing but as well as very beneficial to you.

Elite Concrete Solutions has been in the business for several years already and we know how to apply epoxy flooring for your home or commercial establishment. Our years of experience in the field can guarantee you good quality craftsmanship in installing epoxy/industrial flooring. Just contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with your epoxy/industrial flooring needs.