Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

A Texan city “Where the West Begins” does not anymore lack fancy. Polished concrete in both commercial and residential properties is fast becoming the trend. Why not? With its many amazing benefits over other flooring options, polishing a concrete should really be the trend. Yes, even in a dusty Wild West desert.

In layman’s term, a polished concrete is concrete flooring with smooth, shiny finish. It is polished the same way as polishing woods for furniture making. The polishing process requires a grinding tool that will transform a rough surface into at least a 400-grit smooth surface. Elite Concrete Solutions does better than that. We normally finish the surface from 800 to up to 3,000 grit level for a smoother, shinier finish.

Performance and Longevity

Polishing the concrete produces an extremely dense and abrasion-resistant floor, making it perfect for a high-traffic surface. Best of all, it can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance, unlike carpet, tiles, and woods that will eventually need replacement and produce disposal problems no matter how good they are taken cared of. 

Easy Maintenance

Carpeted flooring needs frequent vacuuming and linoleum and natural stones require waxing. Polished concrete needs only occasional mopping. It may become dull, but only after so many years. By then, waxing will bring back the shine. If not, then re-polishing will be the next best choice.

Sustainable and Healthier

Polished Concrete

Since polished concrete eliminate the need for carpets, it also eliminates potential damages from humidity and moisture. It’s a great flooring option also for keeping away mites, dust, mildew, mold, and other allergens.

Having a polished concrete makes use of materials that are already available, thus eliminating potentially hazardous manufacturing. While other flooring options use dangerous chemical-based cleaners, adhesives, and coating, polished concrete use only mop or water. Soap may be needed, but only occasionally. And since it is shiny, lighting is reflected on it, thus reducing the need for additional lights.

Unlimited Design Possibility

Polished concrete can have any color of your choice. Besides that, you may also add colored aggregate and embed decorative objects in it for a more interesting surface. It’s also possible to choose the floor’s sheen level from subtle gloss to extra brilliant.

Low Investment for High Returns

For only about $5 per square foot, a floor can already be transformed into a polished concrete. Compare this to $22 per square foot with ceramic tiles or $50 per square foot with natural stones.

Polished concrete may have a competitive price compared to carpet and vinyl, but these two do not provide the same amazing benefits that only the former can offer like sustainability, easy maintenance, and performance. Considering the low investment and great benefits, polished concrete is clearly the winner in terms of getting more returns and adding value to any establishment.

Polished concrete is already replacing other flooring alternatives in residential areas, commercial buildings, schools, and even theme parks. You might have already seen some of the most beautiful polished concrete in Texas. It’s time that your place has a polished concrete, too, and enjoy all the benefits that it can offer. Give us a call today or get your free estimates. Don’t fail to see our gallery that features a collection of impressive decorative concrete projects.