Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete

Your concrete floors do not have to be plain and boring from beginning to end. There are decorative concrete options you can consider that will for sure add great beauty and style to your property. Stained concrete, for instance, is one of your best options both for indoor and outdoor flooring.

Stained concrete is achieved by topically applying color to concrete. Since concrete has porous qualities and neutral tones, concrete makes a very perfect canvas for color and stain applications using acid-based chemical stains. With staining procedures, there is almost no limit towards what look you can get out of stained concrete.

Stained Concrete Options

With the use of chemical stains, concrete can turn out to be almost anything from simple monotone colors to realistic faux designs. You can get earth-toned color schemes that can resemble the look of natural stones, woods, marbles, leathers, and the like.

The stained concrete can give you a mottled look, a faux-finished look, a consistent glossy color look, layered look, variegated look, and so much more. With such kind of diversity in terms of the staining cement floors, you can achieve just any look you want for your concrete driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, indoor flooring, and even concrete walls.

Picking the Right Concrete Stain Color

With the number of options of colors and looks of stained concrete, it may be hard for you to choose the right color for your home. However, most of the time, choosing a stained concrete is dependent on personal preferences.

To get the best choice of stained concrete colors, it is best to make sure your choice matches or complements the color scheme of the area. However, this does not mean that you can limit with just one color for your concrete flooring. You can choose to display multiple hues that are divided by strips or joints to create a more interesting look to the flooring.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Stained Concrete

Staining concrete floors is something better left to professional contractors. However, some homeowners may decide to do the job or give the task to inexperienced contractors. But take note that concrete staining is not an easy task. You can decide whether or not this project can be done in a DIY manner by considering the following questions:

  • Do you know the whole process of proper concrete staining? It is very important that you are knowledgeable when it comes to concrete staining to ensure success of the project. This extends from the surface preparation, surface application, and up to final sealing.

  • What are your expectations of the results of the staining? If you want perfect stained concrete, don’t do it yourself or hire inexperienced contractors. Stains are translucent so they usually do not disguise flaws in the surface.

  • Do you have the right staining tools for the job? You have to invest on several tools such as acid-resistant brushes and spray equipment.

  • Did you know that there are hazards in applying chemical stains? Knowing the hazards and understanding safety precautions is necessary for safety and effective stained concrete.

If you want nothing but a properly stained concrete in your home, you better hire a professional contractor for the job. If you are in Forth Worth, Arlington, Richland Hills, Keller, Bedford, Hurst, Saginaw, Haltom City and other areas in Texas, you can get the help of Elite Concrete Solutions. We are a company specializing in decorative concrete installation for your sidewalks, steps, patios, pool decks, and driveways for both residential and commercial customers.