Beach Sculpted Pools

These hand-crafted Italian Quartz pools by Biodesign offer a completely different experience than your typical gunite pool. The natural beauty is unequaled by any other style of pool in the industry. If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind backyard this is a great way to start. There are many benefits when compared to a traditional gunite pool listed below.

Biodesign vs Gunite Pool Construction:

Natural Beauty

The is little debating the fact that a Biodesign pool looks and feels more natural than a concrete pool.


By nature, a Biodesign pool is safer for small children and animals than a concrete pool. The walls are sloped to a maximum of 42-45 degrees allowing easy access and exit from all sides.

Construction Time

A Biodesign pool can be built in 2-3 weeks. The footprint is also smaller, so the construction process disturbs much less of your yard making it less expensive to put back together.

Ecological Impact

The construction of a Biodesign pool has a much smaller ecological footprint than a gunite pool. It not only looks more natural; it is more natural.


In other markets, a Biodesign pool has proven to hold its value at a higher rate than a gunite pool, often holing its value at 15-20% more. Only time will tell, but we expect the same results in Texas.


The durability of a Biodesign pool is very similar to that of a gunite pool.